The Ripple Effect – Thank You.

A little over a month ago I started this blog and wrote my first post. And I feel like my life has been getting better every day since. I want to thank you all for being a part of that. Who knew I would have followers already!? Is it strange that I feel such love for you all?

The ripple effect has been a bit surprising, even to myself. I knew that getting back to writing would be good for me. But it’s weird how giving permission to myself to have a creative outlet has also seemed to lift all of this pressure out of my heart and mind and allowed me to start a whole mess of other things I’ve been putting off. I want to thank you all for being a part of that too.

Without you- maybe I wouldn’t have realized that dressing up as Grease characters was the obvious last minute solution to Halloween 😎 check out my handsome T-Bird and his Pink Ladies at a random Trunk or Treat (first timers for Trunk or Treat by the way – my reaction? Meh.)

But anyway… back to my point…

Since September 6th (the date I actually decide to start this blog) the following has also happened…

Our MARRIAGE HEALTH has improved.  My husband and I are having regular date nights every other Thursday and taking turns planning it.  Its been working really well and a ton of fun. We’ve tried a new restaurant,  Chad’s cooked for me, we’ve had a game night that included everything from connect 4 to dirty Jenga!  It’s been really nice to intentionally plan something on my own for him without him and it’s been nice to have a night planned for me without me. We are working through the book “Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” by John Gottman too (thank you Cali) and learning more about each other and our relationship. We are embracing the fact that we will always be “getting to know” each other.  We are looking at ourselves honestly and talking honestly to each other. We are listening to Ted talks regularly and reading new blogs and articles- bringing fresh thoughts into our lives and it is revitalizing our perspectives and conversations.  I am so thankful and proud of my husband for being willing to do all of this with me. For understanding that my fears and insecurities are bigger than us or him, but that we can choose to overcome them together.  We can and are CHOOSING to fall in love with each other every single day. We know better than to expect the world around us to cater to our love. He is truly my partner in this life and I am so very blessed.   This. is. Love.

My PHYSICAL HEALTH has improved. I am about 3 weeks into a workout plan. It is created with structure but allows for flexiblity which is the most realistic approach I can imagine for myself considering my ridiculously fluctuating work and personal schedule. It is going really well and I am actually ENJOYING the .process as well as the benefits. I am logging my meals,water intake, and workouts in an app and the awareness is helping me better choices. I started playing in a volleyball league again. I am continuing to be a non-smoker and it feels great. I’m taking better care of my hair, skin and nails. I am creating health as a priority in my daily life and it feels like self love.

Our FINANCIAL HEALTH has improved.  We have officially joined financial forces and created a budget that we are tracking and following diligently.  We have goals and a path to reach them.  This doesn’t necessarily feel like love…..but it feels like a part of love working….and it feels smart.

Our HOME HEALTH has improved.  We have have gotten back to using our “Family Command Center.” This means that all 3 of us are sharing the load of the household chores again and it means that more chores are getting done in general! Yay for a clean house!  AND, as if that’s not good enough, it also includes meal planning which helps with shopping which helps with our budget and all of that helps with the health of our marriage, our physical health. Again…this doesn’t feel like love but it DOES feel like embracing the mess and that helps ME show love.

And last but definitely not least….

MY MENTAL,EMOTIONAL AND OVERALL HEALTH HAS IMPROVED! Writing again is helping me feel grounded and centered.  Not just the product but the process…the self-reflection along with the thoughtful and curious observation of the world, experiences and people around me. And being a part of this blogging community has reminded me that I despite being different than some of the people in my life (whom I love dearly and love me dearly but often look at me like I have 27 heads) I am not alone in the things that I feel and think. It’s like all of you have provided me with this big reassuring hug that says, ” Me too. It’s ok. We are in this together.”

The Ripple Effect is washing over my life. It feels kind of like a lake breeze – reawakening and revitalizing.  I feel better in every way and its peaceful.  Calm. But also strong. I’m taking care of myself and it feels like love….Love….LOVE!

Thank You. 

Next up…. Sleep!  I need to get on a better sleep schedule.  

~ Be Gentle.Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.


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