#Beauty4Balance: Day 1. Trumped. Challenge Accepted.

Last year I started this blog. A couple of months later….I got Trumped. Trump led to my most popular post. [ Locker Room Talk ] And then Trump led to the downfall of my blogging. My mind was saturated with everything Trump. I tried to hang on like it wasn’t happening in [M.I.A.]but it was.  It did.   And I simply couldn’t write.

I know Politics are important. My job doesn’t let me forget that.  And I know those discussions must happen and there are some folks out there who feel called to write about it (thank God and good luck to you all!)    But I don’t want to write about politics right now.

I want my blogging to be about balance.  And right now my life needs more beautiful.
I realized this on an impromptu hike I went on yesterday.  I had an hour to spare and looked up area hiking trails.

I walked onto the trail and was immediately embraced by the presence of beauty. Alone. Surrounded by the natural balance of the wildnerness.  Sun shining through the trees.  A bench calling my name.  Perfectly placed graffiti in an unexpected and surprising find.  Like my best friend was looking me right in eyes and challenging me to let Trump interfere with that moment.  But for the first time in months – everything Trump and politics was completely absent from my mind.

I was at peace.

And so today I went on another hike.  I looked right back at my old pal mother nature and accepted her challenge.  I will seek out beauty.  I will reclaim balance.  I will get back to the basics. And I will document at least one such moment every day on this blog.   I will not let my life be Trumped.

#Back2BasicsBeautyBalance .   Day 1.

Stay Tuned.  Hold me Accountable.

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.


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