#Beauty4Balance: Day 5. My Church.

I haven’t been to a religious service on a Sunday Morning in years.

You may have an idea in your head about what that says about me. With that one sentence you may have formed a strong opinion about me – positive or negative – and you may think you know way more about me than you actually do.

You don’t. And that…in a nutshell…is exactly why I don’t attend religious services. I just don’t fit nicely into the categories I’m supposed to choose from. I find meaning and understanding of lifes big questions from many different places.  And my journey to be a good human is complex and deeply personal. That’s not to say I have any problem with religious services. They are just not where I go to seek answers.

The mere mention of the words “religious service” may have prevented many from even clicking on this post. If you made it this far – you may still be nervous about where I’m going with it. Am I going to preach? Am I going to analyze the meaning of religion? Isn’t this blog supposed to be about beauty?

Yes – It is about beauty. And No – I’m not going to preach or analyze. But I needed you to understand the role that nature plays in my life. In my heart. In my soul.

I think nature is My Church. I’m not sure I’ve ever labeled it that before. But I think it always has been. I need it to relax. To find peace. To be inspired. To feel small and grateful and humble. To connect with that which is greater than myself.

When I don’t get enough of it – I feel off. Out of sync. I start to lose my place and my priorities.

So on this lovely Sunday Morning – I was seeking beauty.  Not spirituality.  But I got both.

I started my day with a breakfast of champions.

And then I went on a 2 hour hike on a trail near me that just cannot believe I hadn’t been to before today. It was beautiful.

I ran into a couple of friends and we stared at each other for several long moments.  It was almost unnerving.  Like they could see into me or something.

And have you ever noticed how many greens overlap in the woods?  I was blown away by the beauty in the seemimgly  endless shades of green. I became obsessed with the perfect natural art created as the color variations and textures contrast and compliment each other.  I was entertained and amused as I watched the shadows and sunlight dance treating me to their show.

Day 5 of #Beauty4Balance taught me that nature is my church.  And to that – I say Amen.

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.

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P.s. The tiger lillies are out. That means it’s almost my birthday!


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