#Beauty4Balance: Day 7. #Balance4Beauty. 

I’m not exactly known for being punctual.

Which is why I was SO excited to see these beauties show up a couple of days ago.

I was sitting on my porch cooling down after my workout this evening and smiled at them again as they caught my eye.

I smile because these beauties are now gone.

And Ohhhhh how I love a perfectly placed metaphor! 🙂

I’m one of those people who isn’t actually joking when they say, “People tell me an earlier start time than the real start time so that I might show up on time.” That has really happened to me. More times than I would like to admit.  My family has done it for holidays. My friends have done it for parties and meeting times.  I’ve tried to do it to myself by setting my alarm early.

The problem is my brain eventually catches on to all of us. I have kept trying to trick myself over the years.  I now have several alarms on mulitple phones staggered in time frames and in locations around my bedroom. I’m still always snoozing until the last possible minute and rushing around like a maniac to make it anywhere on time.

I’m also a total night owl. I come from a family of them.  I always tell people that I could call my mom, aunts, cousins and grandma up for a chat at midnight on almost any given day. (Totally NOT a joke.) I do my best thinking when the rest of the world goes to sleep. I do my best bonding in late night chats. And I never want the night to end.

My husband, on the other hand, is always early. Early to bed. Early to rise. Early to work. Early to be ready to leave the house. Early to be ready to come back to the house. Early. Early. Early.

We balance each other out.  Sometimes I keep up him late. “Seize the moment! You can sleep when you’re dead!”  Other times he gets me up early. “Seize the day! Don’t sleep it away!” I suppose we are both right.

Our contrasts always seem to compliment each other.

My favorite color is purple. His favorite color is orange. When we were planning our wedding it seemed impossible to use our favorite colors together in a tasteful way. That is until we realized that our favorite skies are painted in exactly those colors. And so our theme became “Sunrise, Sunset.”

(That’s not at our wedding – but that’s a cute pup. And that sunset proves my point!) 💜

We used purple, orange, and white lillies in our wedding.  Which is why we have orange and purple lillies planted together in our backyard.

This year the orange lillies popped up early. They were beautiful, as always. Poking their heads up – large and in charge – eager to start the blooming season. There were no purple lillies in sight for weeks.

My stepdaughter made sure to point out to me that the orange Dad lillies were there but the purple Lainey lillies were no where to be found. Nothing gets by that girl, I swear!

And then suddenly – there they were! Suddenly sneaking in right between the orange blooms trying to act like they had been there the whole time. And then a couple of days later – out in full force. Beautiful in their own way. Slowly taking over the space as the orange lillies started to get tired and slowly droop away.

And so the metaphor was complete. The purple Lainey lillies jumped into the show fashionably late. Just on time to make a statement. And just on time to make sure the blooming party kept going for as long as it can.

Day 7 #Beauty4Balance helped me realize my marriage is my hashtag backwards: #Balance4Beauty. 💜 And another hashtag #luckylady.

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.

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