#Beauty4Balance: Day 8. Get Your Head in the Game. 

“You have it in ya – I’ve seen it. I know it. But You’ve got to pull each other up. Be a Team!” 

I’m about a football fields length from my house. About a dugouts length from the little league baseball coach talking to his team huddled around him. I’m walking slowly trying to listen – and scoping out the scene – wondering if I can snap a picture without looking creepy.  

Teamwork is beautiful. Its amazing and inspiring!  I could totally write about this. I see the mom’s looking at me kind of funny. I suppose I look a little strange.   “Keep walking Lainey,” I think. I guess now is not the time to stop for that picture.

“But you gotta show up for yourself too guys. I’m mean c’mon.  You’re here. But you’re not really here. Not mentally. And you know it! I don’t know where you’re at – but it’s not on that field.  You have high school ball dreams? College dreams? Pro dreams? You want to be the best ball player you can be? You’ve got to want it. I can’t do it for you.  Get your head in the game.” 

I stop in my tracks. The words repeat in my head   “you’ve got to want it.  I can’t do it for you. Get your head in the game.” “You’ve got want it” “Get Your Head in the game.” “Get your head in the game. ” “GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME!”

Not sure how long I stood there.  But when I look up I make awkward eye contact with the assistant coach. I’m sure he’s probably wondering why this lady with her Mario sweatshirt – clearly not one of the moms because he had never seen me before – is creeping around the Little League diamonds listening to post-game pep talks.  

I keep walking.  The words are still ringing in my head – “Get your head in the game.” 

I wonder how often in my life I show up – without really showing up. Probably more than I should admit.  

I know I didn’t show up to write tonight.  I was wandering around looking for something beautiful.  But If I’m honest – I was thinking “Daily Lainey? How much beauty do you think there really is around here? Why did you make the #Beauty4Balance challenge DAILY!?” 

I was grumpy. Mad at myself for not writing earlier in the day. Sick of work.  Tired from a conversation with my husband.  Hungry.  

I didn’t show up to write. Not mentally.  Do I have dreams of being a writer? Do I want to write a book and/or publish something someday? Maybe more than one? Do I want to be the best writer that I can be? I’ve got to want it. No one can do it for me. 

I have got to get my head in the game.

I smile and turn around and snap that picture. 

I hear the coach say – “Alright guys.  That’s it for tonight.  Bring it in.” 

I smile again as I think of how many times I’ve heard that “Bring it in”. And how many things I’ve learned from coaches.  Even a few on this diamond right next to where tonight’s coach spoke to me – I mean his team.  

And in this dugout. And many like it. 

Ive always been a sucker for a good “come to Jesus” talk from a coach.   

Sigh.  Alright, Coach. You’re right. Tomorrow I’ll show up for myself.  Ill get my head in game.  I’ll work on teamwork on a different day.  And Tonight I’m just going to Bring it In. 

 #Beauty4Balance: Day 8 turned into a much needed pep talk. 

Plus – I should’ve know I could find beauty here. .  I have always found beauty on a ball diamond. 

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.

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