#Beauty4Balance: Day 11. Big Mac.  Post for 7.1.17.

No.  Not the Burger.  This guy…

The Mackinac Bridge. The spectacularly grand entrance-way into nature’s palace.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Miles and miles and miles of pristine forest and breathtaking Great Lakes shoreline.

The kind of quiet that sounds loud. The kind of slow that makes you forget about time.

The kind of peace, calm and beauty that you want to bottle up and take home for those days that move too fast.

Do I sound like Tim Allen on a Pure Michigan add? Good. Because if you haven’t experienced this little remaining slice of heaven on Earth – you should.

Even after the weird smells and sass from the backseat…

Terrible Dad jokes and dog pretending to be human – 

We are still so excited to be here!

Thanks for 5 mile welcome hug Big Mac!  We love you too.  See you on the way out next Wednesday!

(P.s. limited service and internet up here.  Not sure if I will be able to post or not.  Going to keep writing daily and post when we go to the cafe with WiFi if I can.)

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.

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