#Beauty4Balance: Day 12. Lady Lake. Post for 7.2.17.

Lake Michigan is always impressive.

Her skin looks mosaic with blues and greens.  Shifting patterns with the movement of her waves. Changing hues each time the clouds catch the sun as they chase her across the sky.

This year she seems exceptionally beautiful. There is a creek just to the west of where I’m standing.   It runs cool and is currently feeding iron into the Lake. The result is a strip of reds and oranges along the shoreline.

The blues seem to make room for the new color- allowing the reds to hug the sand.  It is captivating.

Lady Lake’s first name undermines her. One might think there has been a mistake. She does not have the presence of a “Lake.”  She is too big. Too wide. You cannot see to the other side.  And her pull is too powerful. You could almost swear she is the sea.

But she has a softer side than the sea. A different kind of beauty. She is sweeter to the taste. Fresher to the smell. Gentler to the skin.

As I stand here at the tip top of her head and look out at her – I wonder who is looking up at me from the other parts of her body.

I wonder if they are like me – at their own in-laws’ family cabin somewhere.

Watching their stepdaughter and dog frolic in the water.

Having a beer.

Or are they doing something else?

Are they sipping wine in Traverse City? Are they taking a break from shopping in the big city of Chicago? Are they eating cheese curds and wishing it was Packers season in Green Bay, Wisconsin?  Are they riding a dune buggy around Sleeping Bear Dunes? Camping in Ludington? Or maybe even getting married at our wedding venue in St. Joe?

Perhaps they are simply enjoying one the thousands of beaches along her surfaces with their family, friends or loved ones.

Whatever it is.  Wherever they are.  Whoever they are with  They are probably feeling like I do right now.   Refreshed. Content. Happy.  Alive.

Lady Lake’s best attribute is her ability to entice, enchant and pull people in to her side like a giant magnet or lure.  Like a mother or a lover.  She gives and gives – feeding and watering the life around her. She embraces the elements she is exposed to, weathers the storms, and adapts gracefully as her body changes over the years.

But she is most beautiful when she is loved and appreciated.

And when she is loved and appreciated, everything around her becomes a part of her. And a part of her beauty.

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.

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