#Beauty4Balance: Day 14. Magic. Post for 7.4.17.

Today I finished Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I read half of it at the beach last year.

I read the Courage section. Which I needed to get started because I had many many of these ….

I read the Enchantment section. Which inspired and delighted me.
And I read the Permission section.   Which was important because I hadn’t yet given myself that yet. Not until the day I started this blog. ( More about that here: About This Blog )

Then I forgot about the book because it was lost in my beach bag over the winter.
So today I started back up with the Persistance section.  And my boss will be happy to know that despite my constant daydreaming of having all the time in the world to just write – this advice makes sense to me.

But also this advice:

It was the boost I needed to keep going with my writing. And lets be honest – I am far from submitting anything for getting publish.  I’m just writing for fun and practice right now. (And because I’ve found its pretty good for my soul)  And besides starting this blog, this daily #Beauty4Balance writing challenge is the first actual writing commitment I’ve ever really made to myself.  And it’s been hard. Particularly this weekend because I was on vacation and I  couldnt esily hold myself accountable by posting immediately (little to no cell or internet service).

I have always loved writing and that has shown up in various private writing throughout my life. I have also been complimented on my writing a lot over the years. Unfortunately – my most opportune moment to write has been in schoolwork, case/court reports and trainers notes. Not exactly the creative endeavors I prefer to use my writing.

And clearly – showing my academic  and professional sides has not been the point of the writing I have been doing in these posts.

Although, I have to admit, my ability to write somewhat easier and more naturally than many around me has helped immensely in my ability to be successful and respected in each of those areas. It has always felt like a gift.

But Big Magic reminded me to write for me.  And to keep going.  And to remember that I have ALWAYS had a relationship with writing.  And I know that it loves me as much as I love it.

So on this beautiful 4th of July day in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – I took that reminder and decided to just trust my writing. Trust the process and the journey with no expectations about the final destination. To follow my curiosity and inquisitiveness on whatever scavenger hunt it wants to take me on.

And maybe it won’t be big magic and fireworks right away.  Maybe it won’t ever be big magic.

It might just be lite magic.  One little firework at a time that no one else sees and I have to light myself.

But no matter how big or small – the magic of writing is beautiful to me. It’s a piece of my identity and independence that is worth fighting for and celebrating.  Which is kind of the point right?

And isn’t that the same concept that I’m supposed to be honoring today? Remembering the fight for independence here in America and celebrating it?

Happy Independence Day fellow writers! I hope you got celebrate all the magic in your life!

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.

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