#Beauty4Balance: Day 15. Catch Up. Post for 7.5.17.

Heading back to the land of the trolls today.

For those of you who don’t know – trolls live below the bridge in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.   At least thats what the Yoopers say.  And they are Yoopers because they live in the –  “U.P.” pronounced “YOU-P” aka “YOOP” and that leads to “Yoopers”.

And now you know 🙂

Anyway – we already stopped for the obligatory and famous Lehto’s pasties. (Pronounced “Past-eaze”. Please don’t call them “Paste-eaze” – that is a very different thing. 😋)

I am giving my goodbye hug to Big Mac as I type this.

And these 2 are already bored and sick of the car.

So – things are all wonderful and normal in my land.

For me – Today is catch up day. (Am I showing my constant exposure to Dad jokes and puns if I tell you that I have a hard time writing “catch up day” without hearing in my head, “What are you putting ketchup on Lainey?” in my head?  Ugh.  Groaaaaan. )

I will spend the next several hours transferring my writing from my Notes application on my phone to my WordPress Application, adding my pictures to the posts from the last few day, and trying to get them all published.

Not only did I have little to no cell or internet service, but when I went to the cafe to try, my application kept failing and losing my writing.

Super Duper Not cool! (Also I think that phrase is an oxymoron!? 😂😎)

So today’s post is short.  By the time you see this, it SHOULD mean I’m pretty much caught up and have posted the others.

It also means that I have successfully written every day for 2 weeks!


And lastly, it means Im home – or almost home –  and that its about time I get caught up on laundry (because I’m going out of town again this weekend – eek!), relaxing over a couple of rounds of our newly bought Catan game, and sleeping in the comfort of my own bed.

Thanks for following along on my little journeys!

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.

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