#Beauty4Balance: Days 16-20. Happy Birthday To Me! 

I can bet I will never have a birthday quite like this one ever again.

When I found out my friend’s bachelorette party was planned on my birthday – I had about 3 seconds where I felt sad. Couldn’t tell you why really – I guess my childhood of being an only child where I was the only one to feel special on “my day.”. But that didn’t last long – because I realized, “wait a minute – this is going to be fun!”

Girlfriends. Wineries. Games. Mimosas! I mean – that certainly didn’t sound like a bad way to spend my birthday.

So despite my schedule this summer being absolutely bonkers. And despite my husband and I trying to be smart with money.  And despite it being a really long drive to make for a weekend. And despite the fact that I have about zero free weekends this summer.

And despite a few previous hard times with this friend – I decided I was all in! Because I’ve been friends with  her since pretty much forever and I’m really excited for her and – I’m turning 31.  Not 21.

So, as mentioned in GIMME A BREAK – I was hadn’t really gotten my feet back on the ground from the 4th cabin trip when I had to turn around and leave again. Got home Wednesday.   Thursday was packed with things that had to be done to leave again on Friday.

On a really happy and rare note from me regarding anything fashion-related:  I lost a dress a while back that I loved. Left it in a hotel room in Savannah, Georgia and it couldn’t be found (so says the hotel staff a mear 1 hour after we checked out 😡)  Found it again and re-bought it in black on Thursday on my way to buy a gift.  I was beyond excited to wear it this weekend!

I also had a wonderful lunch with my beautiful mom and equally beautiful stepdaughter.  My mom got me something purple (because she knows me well!) And a memory of our dream-come-true mother-and-daughter hot air balloon ride earlier this summer!

Friday morning I picked up one friend who lives on my town and headed to Chicago to pick up the other. My friend doesn’t love car rides – so I had assured her I had made the trip before – at least most of it- and it would be fine.  But, of course – since I opened my big mouth – Nope! We had the most god awful car ride ever.   Grey skies with rain falling so hard it sounds  like someone was just peppering our windshield with rocks. Couldn’t see ANYthing.

We did finally make it to the city, picked up our girl and had a lovely lunch in the city to TRY and chill for a second after all of that. And then continued the most god awful car ride ever because we hit Friday night rush hour traffic in BOTH Chicago and Milwaukee.   Stop.  Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go stop.

But enough complaining. When we finally got there, we walked in to drinks waiting for us, Ubers already called for dinner ( well actually – the one uber that was going to make multiple runs for us because it was the only one in town 😂)  AND this lovely peninsula harbor town sunset.

That’s when I wrote Gimme a Break and thought – “Happy Birthday To Me!”

So the weekend went on – with typical bachelorette party fun and shenanigans. I’ll save you all the details because some of it is just pure silliness.  Nothing actually inappropriate . Just expected inappropriate things.

Things that simply will likely not be a part of any future birthdays of mine. Things like blow up dolls, straws, and gift bags shaped inappropriately.

There were a few non-bachelorette related inappropriateness about how some family members treated each other.   But overall,  definitely just goofy and silly.

So I’ll just tell you my favorite parts.  The parts I decided I would take as “my birthday presents.”

This lovely lady for being the reason an awesome party was planned for me to enjoy.

These lovely ladies for being my friends since middle school and sharing MANY birthdays with me – including this one.

This lovely breakfast cafe that I absolutely adore and wish I could go to every day.


Meeting new friends.

A surprise and completely unexpected bday card. With a purple mustache because she knows me so well 💁

A safe and uneventful ride home.  Filled with cows, friends and lots of cheese.

And last but not least! Coming home to the love of my life.   Which is always enough.  But also this sweet surprise (with pearls and turqouise because they know me so well) from both of the loves of my life –

Even mother nature had a birthday gift to me! Purple – because she knows me so well 💜💜

Happy 31st Birthday to me! Feeling loved, surrounded by beauty and happy as a clam! CHEERS! 🍾🥂

And #Beauty4Balance continues 💜

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.

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