#Beauty4Balance: Day 21 and 22. Health & Healing.

Today I find beauty in how far we have come as a society in our understanding of the human body and the world of healing that is available to us.

I know.  Not exactly the kind of beauty I had planned on writing about either.

What can I say? I guess when you look for beauty every single day, some days you find yourself surrounded and other days you find yourself looking for the glimmers of beauty that will get you through the ugly.

Yesterday and Today have been the latter.

“Embrace the Mess.” I’ve been repeating it over and over in my head.

In this messy situation I find myself in, I have been thankful for that motto.  It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I wrote my About this Blog page – but it’s exactly the kind of situation that a motto like this helps in.

It doesn’t help the actual problem, of course. That’s not really the point.  It just helps deal with it. Cope with it. Get through it,  Ya know!?

It helps with my attitude, my stress and anxiety, and it helps my spirits.

Basically – it helps me keep an optimistic outlook and not freak the F*ck out!!

And because of it, I have noticed and appreciated some pretty beautiful aspects of this shitty situation.

Here are 6 examples:

1. Mom’s know best. And there is nothing wrong with pulling out the BRAT card when its necessary.  Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast.

2. Do you guys know there is whole world out there full of Probiotics? Who knew!? Not me.  But….now I do!  I have heard a lot about Kombucha so I was pumped to try it.  I have never heard of Kefir so I was excited to try something new. And I LOVE pickles so….Bonus!!

3. Whoever it is in the medical facilities that is focusing on small things that go a long way in helping a patient keep their dignity better be getting paid just as much as the Docs. Seriously. I was so, so, so appreciative today for a very small detail that made all the difference in the world to me.   I wish I knew who came up with it so I could hug them.

4. Technology is kind of amazing. It has been a while since I’ve had to get lab tests done.  The speed in which they were able to test, get the results, post them on my online account, and notify me that they did so – is truly truly amazing. 12 Hours.  One was only 4 hours. That is incredible. And I can remember a time not so long ago that these things took weeks.

5. Whatever this thing is that my body and I are trying to fight has not stopped me from maintaining a relatively normal life.  I appreciate that a lot because I would have had a lot to miss in last couple of weeks.

6. I have a husband who I can talk to about anything and everything.  No matter how weird, or gross or scary.  That makes this experience – and the prospect of growing old seem so much more tolerable because we are together.

I am Thankful.

So even though I still don’t know exactly what it is that I am dealing with – and I still have to take these stupid pills –

I’m thankful these stupid pills exist. I am thankful all of these approaches to healing exist.

And I’m doing ok.

And that’s not so bad.

#Beauty4Balance: Day 21 and 22 have taught me that even when you feel very very off balance, seeking beauty still helps.

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.

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