#Mess:30 Time.

“What IS time?”

One time I sat around a campfire with some friends contemplating that question. No, we weren’t sober (Oh c’mon – I know you were thinking it!) but that’s not the point.  The point was that we were on the verge of figuring out life!  At least we thought we were. We were with friends. Some old, Some new. Spending quality TIME together. Sharing thoughts and ideas and insight. Babbling on and on and on about things that didn’t make sense. Smiling. Laughing.

I don’t think we figured it out ( I know, SHOCKER!) And I have honestly NO idea how long that conversation went on.  Which, I suppose, is kind of the point right?  Because Time is pretty much the ultimate paradox. Everytime you think you have it figured out, the opposite also seems to be true. And the exact moment you are experiencing it, you don’t realize it.

Time is a social construct. Time is a real physical experience. We can see and feel time happening. Yet  it can look and feel like nothing has happened at all. We have definintions of time – ways measure it. So Time is scientific. Yet time is relative. It is dependent on physical and geographical location. Time is emotional. Time is personal. Time is relational.

Ok Ok OK – I know. I could bury us all under the philosophical theories of time. But that’s not really what I am here to write about today.

I want to tell you what time is to me.

Have you ever noticed how 6 o’clock can sneak up on you? AM or PM – it doesn’t matter.  One minute it’s 10 o’clock and then next thing you know it’s 6 ‘clock?   It can be a different day.  A different year. A different season. A different decade. A different stage of life completely and yet…. 6 o’clock.  And we know 6 o’clock. You know it very well. The day is either just beginning or its coming to an end. In some seasons or some locations, you may have a little more time than others before the sun makes its’ move.  You may be a morning person or a night person so 6 O’clock means something different to your day. You may have a good day or a bad day.  A good night sleep or a restless one. But 6 O’clock ALWAYS comes. For everyone. Everyone in the world. Over and Over and Over again – 6 o’clock happens.

This blog was started to “Embrace the Mess”.  To “ReThink. The. Mess.”  I think the messes in life are kind of like 6 o’clock.  We know them. They happen.  To everyone. Everyone in the world.  Over and over and over again.  Mess o’clock.  Mess:00.

I have come to believe, or notice rather, that just like times of day, we experience the same experiences over and over again. We feel the same things. We make the same mistakes and learn the same lessons. They look different. Feel different. Smell and taste different.  But there is a certain sense of familiarity.  We know this is all new – new people, new situations, new circumstances, new context. Everything is different. And yet we’ve been here before.


Time may look and feel like its moving faster or slower. It feels earlier or later tthanthe clock says. Sometimes it feels like it stops all together.  Hell – I dont know.  Maybe it does. (Philosphers out there?  Can time stand still?) And sometimes we want it to.  But we ALWAYS know that Mess:00 is coming.

The question I want to explore is:  how do I internalize the fact that Mess:00 is here again when it happens?   Do I “Embrace the Mess?”  How am I doing at #Mess:30? Am I operating with fear or courage? Am I heading toward Wisdom or Foolishness? Will the end and my next beginning be filled with peace or shame?

#Mess:30.  My new personal writing self-challenge for this blog.  I don’t know all the directions its might take me.  It probably won’t be a quite pretty as the #Beauty4Balance challenge.  (Although as I’ve mentioned before – I may just post beautiful things under that hashtag occasionally just because I want to.)

My clock drawing might change, be added to, be over-analyzed.  But I feel energized around this concept. I want to explore a little bit about why this silly clock drawing seems to make so much sense to me.

I am also 31 years old.  And turning 30 was definitely Mess:00 for me. So – following along with the metaphor  -31 is kind of like #Mess:30 right!?  I want to use this challenge to explore a little bit about how I’m doing.

Am I embracing the mess of being in my 30’s? Am I embracing the new messes that being in my 30’s brings?

For no other reason other than that 30 is a theme here, my goal is to do 30 of these posts. However, I am not giving myself a time restraint. I could do 5 in a day (doubtful) or I could do only 1 or 2 in a week (likely).

As a side note: I am also challenging myself to submit some (ok – at least 1) short piece(s) of writing to some (ok – at least 1) publication somewhere by the end of 2017. I have no idea where to start.  I will be working on THAT personal challenge outside of this blog. But I wanted to put it here too – basically because it makes it real.

I feel like I need to psych myself up like I used to do before big games. Like this post was pre-game, ya know? I’m done warming up my arms and done stretching my legs   (or fingers and brain in this case – but you know what I mean).  Final Countdown is on in the background. My name is being announced. I’m slapping hands with all of my teammates.  Captain brings us in. All of our hands are piled up in the middle…


Hm…. doesn’t come off the tongue quite as well as Game Time does it?  Oh well.  Let the journey begin.

NOTE:  I want to send a special shout-out to my beautiful friend Kerri for this sweet and thoughtful (and purple!) gift that led to my ideas for both of the challenges and just took on. Thanks for being the kind of friend that always reminds me to believe in myself and reach for my dreams! 💜 


~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.

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