#MorningMeTime: Falling in Love with Mornings

I “slept in” this morning.  

Got up around 6:45 instead of 5:45 because my husband and I decided to leave for our vacation a little later than we had originally planned.  

My husband was there so it wasn’t really #MorningMeTime.  And I don’t know if it completely counts because it wasn’t completely my own choice to get up….

But whatever…..I’m proud! 

5 days in a row of getting up early!!!!!!!!  And 4 days in a row of writing on this blog.  

I feel good about that.  

Also on my mind this morning is how beautiful these Midwest fall trees are today!  

Fall is always such a good reminder, don’t you think?  That change is constant. That change is gradual and it doesn’t happen all at once even though sometimes it feels like it.  That transitions are beautiful if you’re paying attention. And that Letting go of parts of yourself and being exposed in the cold, is the necessary path to revival.  To new life.  To new beauty.  

Maybe this whole getting up early thing, this desire to write more and play piano again, this attempt to turn mornings into something that can be loved…..is a Fall in the ever-changing seasons of growing older, growing up, and becoming the best future versions of myself.  

Falling into love with Mornings.  

~BeGentle.BeBeautiful.EmbraceTheMess. ~

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