Your Humble and Hopeful Guide

Hi!  Welcome. Thanks for stopping by my little nook of the internet 🙂

This blog is for messy people. (No really…if you’re perfect, you’re going to HATE this blog).  It is a place to stop acting like we’ve got our act together all the time. It is a place to openly discuss and appreciate the crazy messes in our selves and in our lives that make it interesting. This is a place for people who believe that our mess is part of what makes us beautiful.

I’m Lainey and I’m a mess. The people I love are a mess. My past is a mess and so is my present. My experiences, relationships, thoughts and feelings – they are ALL a mess. And yes, even my house is a mess sometimes! To top it all off – the world we live in is DEFINITELY a mess!  LIFE is messy! So what!?

All of those things also happen to be extremely awesome!  I love and appreciate each of them dearly even WITH their messes. And since I’m being honest, I probably love and appreciate them even more BECAUSE of their ability to be awesome even though they are messy (perfection is either intimidating or boring to a messy girl like me).

Yet I am so guilty of trying to act like I’ve got it all together. Why do I do that?   We are constantly running around trying to hide our messes,  cover them up, get rid of them, or pretending like they’re not there.  Why do WE do that? It never works. We usually just end up making it worse. And new messes constantly pop up anyway – its like a never-ending game of whack-a-mess! The worst part about it is that it actually PREVENTS us from connecting with each other, and with the world! (Because messes are a very commonly shared experience and common experiences fuel connection). Basically, I’ve come to believe hating our mess is dumb. And it’s EXHAUSTING! It’s just judgment and ugliness for the soul.

So….I’ve decided to try something something different – hugs!  Yes, you read that right. Hugs! Embraces. I’m going to (try my best to) greet everything and everyone messy I come across with a big, enthusiastic, hug.  I will face the mess, accept the mess, learn to live with mess, love the mess  and if it’s still necessary after all of that, start the clean up process with love (knowing a totally different kind of mess is probably hiding right underneath the mess I’m cleaning up).  I want to be gentle, and I want to embrace the messes so that TOGETHER we can be beautiful.

In many ways, this blog is a big, enthusiastic, hug to myself. It is me, embracing my own mess. But this blog is also about sharing stories. I’m going to share the stories of successful, failed and (probably a LOT of) awkward and uncomfortable attempts at embracing the messes I come across in my life. (And probably some other random stuff too).

So please…..embrace your messes too! Share your stories!   All messes welcome! I would love some company along the way. (Unless, of course, you’re perfect – PLEASE don’t join if you’re perfect.)

Much L💜VE from your messy new blogger friend,

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.

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